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melanie is evil

*not for human consumption.

16 October 1979

♥ brody-o ♥, 2-4-5 trioxin, albert fish, american grafitti, april fool's day, arthur dent, atlanta braves, beat the geeks, bedknobs and broomsticks, being an asshole, bigfoot, billy idol, billy joel, blood diner, bob barker, brandon dicamillo, broken lizard, cambot, cannibals, cheetara, chinese food, chipper jones, christine, christopher walken, circle k hot dogs, cj graham, cky, conan o'brien, crow, cryptozoology, dallas, david bowie, david hasselhoff, dead alive, desperation, diff'rent strokes, douglas adams, ed gein, elvis, event horizon, family double dare, friday the 13th, ghost in the machine, ghoulies, gore (al and otherwise), greyhounds, guitar hero, gypsy, harold schechter, headlines, house, house 2, intervention, it, jack the ripper, jason voorhees, jaws, jeff francoeur, jeffrey dahmer, jem and the holograms, jimmy buffett, joel mchale, john carpenter, john gacy, john landis, john smoltz, john stewart, john woo, kane hodder, laboratory science, labyrinth, landshark lager, loch ness monster, lucio fulci, maximum overdrive, mike nelson, mortal kombat iii, mortuary science, my kid, mystery science theatre 3000, mythbusters, nick at nite, nintendo wii, pet sematary, phlebotomy, rem, rest stop, rhcp, richard dreyfuss, robert shaw, rock band drums, roseanne, roy scheider, running, salute your shorts, sam neill, scrabble, sean cunningham, serial killers, silver spoons, skip caray, stephen king, steve wilkos, tattoos, the a team, the discovery channel, the ewoks, the fall guy, the gingerdead man, the greatest american hero, the history channel, the living dead, the national geographic channel, the tommyknockers, thom matthews, thriller, tlc, tobe hooper, tom arnold, tom savini, tom servo, tremors, violent femmes, watcher in the woods, william katt, zaphod beeblebrox, zombies